Co-Producers: Lisa Cordileone, Laura Chernicky, Daniel Kullman

Directors of Photography: Daniel Kullman, Andrew Parrotte and John Klein

Editors: Justine Gendron, Gretchen Pitluk & Evelyn Arteaga

Sound Design: John Wong

Music Composer: Andrew M. Edwards 

Make Up: Alma Izquierdo

More crew who help make it happen:                                

Ariel Guernica (AD), Ashlea Thomsen (AD), Nate O'Neil (Sound), Nadia Oussenko (Photographer), Cynthia Appleby (Props), Rick Paul (Set Design)



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Abby: Lisa Cordileone (through Season One and Eps 1-4 Season 2)

Abby: Keight Leighn (Eps 5-15 Season 2 and onward) Insta: @givemeadragon                                                         

Eileen: Laura Chernicky                                                                      

Sarah: Emily Shain                                                                        

Danielle: Mouzam Makkar                                                            

Bobby: Fawzia Mirza                                                                        

Lydia: Haviland Stillwell                                                           

Nancy: Amy Dellagiarino


Eps 1-2: Brian Plocharczyk, Karmine Byrne, Leeron Silberberg, Lana Smithner

Ep5: Britt-Marie Sivertsen

Ep7: Caroline Minor

Ep8: Adria Dawn (and Ep13), Krenee Tolson

Ep10: Christopher Meister, Kathleen Lawlor, Tom Chiola, Taryn Wood



Eps 3-7 and 9-12: Tuckie White (as Alicia)

Eps 3-4 and Eps 6, 8, 12: Lia D. Mortensen (as Abby's Mom Marilyn Walker)

Eps 3-4 and Eps 6, 8: Meg Thalken (as Lorna/Nurse)

Ep 3-4 Chris (as Doctor Poole)

Ep5 Ensemble: Christopher Meister, Jennifer Cudahy, Billy Aaron Brown, Nelson A. Rodriguez, , Shannon Noll, Jessica Kadish , Tuckie White, and Adria Dawn 

Ep8: Heidi Tehilla Newman, Lia D. Mortensen, Adria Dawn, Katie Burgoon, Jen LaForte, Nadia Oussenko, Marilyn Campbell Lowe

Ep9: Tamale Sepp, Shannon Noll, Jessica Kadish, Tuckie White

Ep15 Mouzam Makkar (as Danielle)

Wendy Jo Carlton is the writer & director of web series Easy Abby. Her other work includes feature films Hannah Free (director), Jamie & Jessie are Not Together (writer/director), and a dozen short films that have screened internationally, including at The American Film Institute, Sundance & other fests.

(L to R Daniel Kullman, Andrew Parrotte, Wendy Jo)